Friday, February 25, 2011

Sharing my Heart with you !

Wow! This morning I was up at three am.  As bad as  I wanted to, I just could not fall back asleep.  I crawled out of bed and got the coffee pot up and busy.  Of course I couldn't get up alone ! Now the dog thinks it's time to get up.....Okay, dog taken care of.  Next thing on my list , sleep!  already tried that, didn't work. Now I have the list for the rest of the day made and feel somewhat satisfied with myself. 

I can't get Ticia off my mind this morning.  She has been hurting so bad the last few weeks with a terrible headache and the doctors don't have an answer.  As a mother that worries you to death....I want to fix it ! This has been the hardest thing I have faced in my life so far, watching my child hurt while not being able to physically do anything about it. I need God to touch Ticia. 

The pictures may not seem to fit the words to you but when I think about the Love of God I instantly think about the family that God has blessed me with !

I listen to a few songs hoping to find comfort and strength.  The very first song is about The Love of God ! God's Love is measureless , strong and enduring. To write the Love of God would drain the ocean dry.

I pray that God will help me to say It is Well with my Soul and fully trust in him.  Blessed Assurance Jesus is mine !  I am an heir of salvation, Letty Fuller the daughter of the King of Kings. This is my story......Can you guess what song I'm hearing now ? What a blessed woman I am.  This is just a few of the people I am blessed with.  I have a large extended family that I am very thankful for. 
Thank you for listening to me this morning !  I pray that your day is as blessed as mine.  Letty

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Out of the Box

During our brief snow storm I finally unpacked the new cookware.  It made it as far as the dinning table.  Guess I'm still not planning on doing much cooking.  I really do like it though.  I use to cook more than I do now.  Kenny started doing most of our cooking in the past five years.  He enjoys it more than I do.  Kenny does not clean up behind himself as much as I would like but I don't complain since he is cooking !
This weekend has been disappointing because I have been sick the whole time.  Started out last weekend with my grand kids being sick.  I thought since I had gone all week and was fine that I had escaped but Friday morning things took a different turn.  I am glad I had the weekend to lay around on the couch.

Hoping that this next week will bring better health for my family and that we can all get back to a little bit of normal.  Hope you all have a great week.  Spring please come soon ! Letty

Monday, February 7, 2011

Something to talk about ??

I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks because I didn't think I had anything great to write about.  Today I remembered that every day is something great and that I could find something to say.  Sitting here in the living room I see a box of brand new cookware that I have had for a month.  Not even all the way out of the box.  I've had just enough time to open the box and rummage through.  Guess that means one of two things, either I didn't need the cookware that bad or I haven't been cooking that much. I will get around to getting it all out and wash them soon. 

Do you know what a " front room " is ?  The other day we were at Sam's Club and there was a lady there selling massage chairs.  She kept making reference to the  front room, She would say that most women like these chairs in their front room.    After we left it dawned on me that the rooms are now more commonly known as The Living Room or Great Room.  I forgot all about the Front Room !

Three of my grand-children are sick with the stomach bug.  Last year Ellie was sick and in the hospital on her birthday.  Tomorrow is her birthday. I hope she is not so sick that she has to go there again.  Bad enough to be sick on your birthday

Okay, I have bored myself along with you too I'm sure so I will wait and see what happens next.  I suppose we are going to get more snow in about 36 hours from now. Gotta go milk and bread !