Monday, May 2, 2011

Just a few days ago.........

Just  a few days a go I had family visiting here from Louisiana.  My sister Pam, her son and his family came to Arkansas for a visit.  We had not seen them for three years.  While they were here they spent a couple of nights in Georgetown at my moms house.  Just for a little entertainment ( NOT ) they decided to cut a tree down that had been struck by lightening sometime back. 

This pictures was taken in the front yard of my moms house.  You would need a boat to be at that same place now.  This picture was made less than one week ago.  The area is flooded now and you must have a boat to get in or out. 

That tree had been there as far back as I can remember. 


This is my brother Jeff on the front porch of his house in Georgetown 6 days ago.  This property is now flooded. This is the worst I have seen the water.  I grew up in Georgetown and remember boating out and riding in the back of a covered bean truck ( for lack of a better word ) in place of the school bus.  We use to come out and stay with my Granny Fern some so that we could go to school.  There were times when we just stayed behind the water and played.  There was a draw across the field behind our house that when the back water filled it up we would go swimming.  I wouldn't let my children swim in that water but we didn't seem to think anything about it then.  When we went out in the boat, we would boat up to the place where our vehicle was parked, get in and drive to town. We we came back we would trade the car for the boat again and boat up to the back yard and walk in to the house.  This was common to me and I never thought much about it as a child.  Now as an adult I don't know how my parents tolerated it .  The worry!!

While the family was here we spent a little time at the lake house. 

So glad that they were able to visit. Hope they had a great time.  Love you guys !