Thursday, March 17, 2011

Home Away from Home

I have a new project going that I am pretty excited about.  My husband and I purchased a small place on Greers Ferry Lake.  We have been looking off and on for about two years.  We both had kind of given up on finding something in our price range.  A family member who lives around the lake called me and said that one of his neighbors was selling.  We checked it out and found it to be a perfect fit for our family.  It is a three bedroom two bath.  We are currently replacing the carpet with laminate flooring.  I am going to put in a few pictures now but will put more later when I can do some before and after shots.  Have a great weekend !

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Birthday Party's are fun !

February was the first birthday party of the 2011 year.  Ellie turned 5. Her parents chose to have her party at a gym with the large blow up toys.  Everyone had a big time including some of the parents !

March has had a lot of excitement for us too. 

Sawyer and Kort turned 2.  They are cousins and are less than 24 hours apart in age.  Their parents chose to have a pony ride party.  So
much fun !!!!