Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chili Dog Sunday

Sunday started out the same as most Sunday's do for me.  Early church service and then home to prepare dinner for the  family.  Most of the time we have your traditional roast and potatoes or an occasional pasta dish.  But a few weeks ago I discovered through a dinner put together from left overs that my family liked chili dogs.  That is why on this Sunday we are having a Chili Dog Sunday.  Two pounds of ground beef for the chili , two packages of hot dogs and buns, and cheese sauce on the side. I can't forget Kenny's not so sweet, sweet tea !

After everyone had satisfied their hot dog craving there was a joint effort in the kitchen clean up.  I have a good crew to pitch in and help.  We even have a good time doing the dishes...

Now that the kitchen was clean we could get on to the really important things of the day !!! Play Time !!

I always enjoy having the family over to eat, that is usually all we ever get together and do....sometimes we play the Wii but not without food before or after...ha ha ! Hope everyone had a great Chili Dog Sunday !  I sure did ......Letty

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Dog Story

If you live long enough you will loose someone close to you.  That happen to Kenny and I the summer of 2010.  We lost our friend " BABE " . She was a beautiful black lab.  She had liver failure and we had to let her go.  Babe and I had only recently became close.  We moved to a different house in the fall of 2009 and prior to that when we lived in the other house Babe stayed in our back yard.  I only saw Babe if I went out on the patio which was not that often.  She was more like Kenny's dog, in fact she was a birthday gift to Kenny.  After we moved to our new location Babe was able to roam around the yard more and had her bed in the garage.  So every morning she was there to greet me when I left for work and every afternoon she was there to greet me when I came home.  We became good friends.  We spent time on the patio together and even took walks in  our new neighborhood together.   The day we had to make the choice to let her go was a hard one. I still miss Babe and have her collar on my night stand. But the story doesn't end there. Only a short few weeks after our beloved Babe left us we were blessed with a little rescue dog.  It took us three weeks to name her because we were determined not to keep her. We were only going to be a holding place while we found another home.  After three weeks Kenny said that we may as well name her because she had found her home now ! Turns out that we named her Katie !  She might be a Jack Russell  but not for sure.  She was about six months old when she came to live with the Fuller's
Katie is not at all the type of dog I would want but turns out that she is the sweetest most grateful dog ever ! 
Oh ! I forgot to mention that Kenny had his mind made up that he was going to have another black lab and the order for one had been placed before Katie showed up. So we were about to have two dogs.
September 11, 2010 we had some grace brought into our lives.  Grace is the name of the new black lab and she was born on 911 !  Now to say the least I was pretty concerned about her birthday being a sign of what was to come from that dog.  So far she has proved that concern to be fairly accurate.  Grace is like a bull in a china shop. Kenny loves her dearly and she goes to work with him everyday.  Grace thinks that Katie is her play toy and sometimes Katie has to just put Grace in her place.  Katie can always out run Grace. I have never considered myself to be a dog person / lover however I am dedicated to making sure these two babies have a darn good doggy life ! Letty

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I didn't think we would really get any snow Sunday night but Kenny and I thought we should go ahead and get the four wheelers and snow sled ready.  I sent a text to our children and grandchildren to let them know we were ready for them the next day if enough snow was to fall.  Sure enough we had snow Monday morning !  The first text came "what time is breakfast?" So I took inventory of the biscuit stock in the freezer and we had two.....oops!! We had to pull our resources together and we had a large breakfast.  As soon as my son in laws and daughters had the kitchen clean the crew headed out to hit the snow.  This was the first time my two youngest grandchildren had experienced the snow.  They were bundled and layered so thick they had trouble walking.  They didn't have any trouble riding the sled tho! There was a neighborhood snowball fight that lasted off and on for several hours.  We had soup and sandwiches for lunch.  The little ones took a nap and then for round two in the snow.  The two babies stayed inside with me as I prepared the evening meal.  A roast had been cooking all day in the crock pot .  A big meal was enjoyed by all and was topped off by a homemade chocolate sheet cake made by yours truly.  It was like Christmas day again, just no presents to open.  It was a wonderful day and I enjoyed my family being here all day long.  I am looking for the next excuse that will allow us to spend the day together again.  Letty